The Importance of BSIT Courses in Career

The basic eligibility criterion for enrolling in this course is 10+2 in the Science stream, with Maths, Physics and Chemistry as the main subjects. One should have secured 50% minimum marks in Maths from a recognized board of the country. Some of the reputed colleges conduct an online entrance examination to take admission to their BSIT courses. The final selection depends upon the total marks aggregated in the final 10+2 exams and the entrance examination. The candidates, other than scoring the stipulated percentage, should have good communication skills and the ability to dabble through a variety of things. Their understanding of mathematical concepts should be high and they should be easily able to manipulate data and have multiple step logic. Inclination towards details and a strong mental focus are some of the other criteria. People, who are already having a Master ‘s degree but want to pursue further studies in information technology, can also opt for this course.

People who hacve completed acquiring this degree can find their coveted jobs in the areas of Aerospace, Power, Electronics and Communication, Post and Telegraph Department, All India Radio, IT industry, Civil Aviation Department, Internet Technologies, Defense Services, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and a lot more. They can work as an application programmer, system designer, system analyst, quality analyst, online editor, system administrator, enterprise information officer, maintenance technician, computer support specialist, legal information specialist, database administrator, strategic information planner and much more coveted occupations.

How is BSIT course beneficial?

Now we will learn how enrolling in the BSIT courses, helps a professional.

This degree is the foundation for further studies like M.Sc, Ph.D and M.Phil degree in Information Technology. After successfully completing all these degrees, one can apply for a lecturership in colleges or universities.

The degree holders in information technology, have various opportunities in sectors like electronics, communication, IT, manufacturing, business, finance, banking, entertainment, education, defense, police, railways and a plethora of other options.

This degree has helped many students in knowing more about IT in detail, as a result of which the IT industry in India has earned the distinction of becoming the global ambassador.

This degree has helped in witnessing a growth of IT related jobs in India, by about 5%.

Students with this degree, often get very lucrative job offers from the reputed companies not only in India, but also from outside.

Career and BSIT Course

Information technology is an incredible varied field and definitely does not limit itself to fixing laptops or computers. The various IT jobs nowadays, require training, skill and a logical thinking process. The most rewarding part of opting for this degree is getting acquainted with the practical aspects of working in an IT industry. As already discussed, there are various career choices that one can opt for, while he is in IT field. As technology is progressing day by day, the need for professionals in this field will also keep on increasing. The more the skill set, the more will be the demand. BSIT courses help in upgrading the skills and expertise. Majoring in this domain will help in getting an exposure to lots of opportunities and jobs. Who does not want to secure a dream job? Getting this degree will help in getting a good job with a good pay package. Yes, remuneration offered also matters when it comes to choosing jobs. One of the most positive factors in choosing information technology as a profession is the hefty pay package that is associated with it. Getting through BSIT degree, one can have an assurance that his starting salary will be much more compared to other jobs. Definitely in future, he can expect greater hikes and a wonderful life ahead.

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